Digital Account

Corporate Account

Your company also deserves a free checking account

The corporate checking account is 100% digital and free. With the account, you will be able to make all your company transactions through internet banking, free of charges and fees.

Designed to make your business administration easier

  • Up to 100 free transfers monthly
  • MasterCard debit card for purchases
  • Agreement with the main card machine companies, for receiving your sales – be it credit or debit
  • Account statement by period - PDF, OFX and CSV
  • Invoice and ticket payments;
  • Up to 100 free invoices per month
  • Automatic payroll processing and execution
  • Customized access per user
  • Multiple account access
  • Interpg: Receive through QR Code, free of charges

Have another card machine?
Change your bank address.

  • Free of charges

  • Agreement with the main card machine companies

  • Advanced payment possibility