Ethics is our starting point

Creating something that makes people’s life easier is only possible because we have always had transparency and responsibility as the pillars of our relationship with them.

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Inter’s Code of Conduct and Ethics

In our Code of Conduct and Ethics, employees, customers, suppliers, business partners, authorities and other stakeholders with whom we interact can understand the principles and standards that shall always guide our conduct and relationships.

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Know the Pillars of the Integrity Program

We have ten pillars guiding our actions, rules and internal guidelines to ensure integrity in our relationship.

Governance and culture

Control and integrity risk assessment

Code of Conduct and Policies

Communication and training

Ethics Channel

Third-Party Due Diligence

Monitoring and test

Internal investigations

Management of non-conformities


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Ethics Channel

What is required to be reported to the Ethics Channel?Any breach to Inter’s Code of Conduct and Ethics, internal and external rules.

Who is required to report?All employees, interns, business partners, suppliers and service providers who are aware of any deviation.

Important informations

Run by an independent third-party company

The report can be identified or anonymous

You are assured of non-retaliation measures

Total confidential procedure

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How does the complaint process work?


ViolationAwareness of a potential violation


ReportReports complaint to the Ethics Channel


ProtocolThe reporting party receives a protocol number to check on the next steps


AnalysisThird-party company assesses the report and then sends it to Inter


ComplianceInter’s Compliance area receives the report


InvestigationInternal investigation process starts (confidential)


Completion ReportThe findings from the investigation are informed to the Ethics Committee through a Completion Report


Remedies Ethics Committee decides whether or not a measure provided by Inter’s Consequence Policy shall be enforced


Closure of the ReportAfter assessing and determining the measures to be enforced, the Compliance area “closes” the case in the system

Relationships with Suppliers

To us, partnerships with suppliers, third-parties and business partners is of utmost importance, as it is also by such means that we meet our purpose of simplifying people’s lives.

Our Supplier Relationship Policy, along with the Code of Conduct and Ethics, establish the ethical standards of governance and objectively translate the rules and guidelines that underlie our relationship with suppliers and service providers.

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Inter has zero tolerance with any kind of corruption. To ensure our employees follow us in this policy, we have many mechanisms in our Integrity Program to instruct them.

The Anticorruption Policy is one of the main internal documents on this matter. It is the document Inter uses to highlight its commitment to ensure its relationships are based on ethics and integrity.

Every year our employees are trained on this policy — it is necessary. They learn about the Code of Conduct and Ethics, anticorruption and conflict of interests.


Inter operates according to the laws and regulations it is subject to, including but not limited to:

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