Privacy policy

At Inter Group (“Inter”), we work to provide the best experience to ensure that you get the most out of our services. And, for that, your privacy and the security of your personal data are and will always be very important to us.

1. About the information collected and processed by Inter

Inter collects and processes personal data for purposes such as identification and authentication, enabling offers and services, credit protection, new products operationalization, prevention and fight against financial crimes, technical or security problems in identification and authentication processes, and also for the improvement of services and your experience. Among the collected data, Inter may process sensitive data, such as biometrics, for fraud prevention purposes and security assurance of contracted services. We may also collect and process data to comply with applicable laws.

2. Cookies

We use Cookies to provide you the best experience in our Super App and websites.

They help to remember your preferences and customize your access. For a better understanding of how they work and how we use Cookies, you can access our Cookies Policy.

3. Duration of personal data processing

The processing period of your personal data by Inter will vary depending on the types of contracted/provided/supplied products and services, according to the processing purposes of personal data, or according to the contractual and legal provisions.

4. Your rights as a data subject

LGPD grants several rights to data subjects. Therefore, you, as a data subject, may request the following to Inter according to the rights provided by Law: confirmation of data processing, access to personal data, correction of incomplete, inaccurate or outdated data, anonymization, data blocking or deletion, personal data portability, information on the personal data sharing, information on the possibility of not providing consent, and also to be informed about the consequences in case of consent denial or withdrawal, opposition to the personal data processing, review of decisions made solely on the basis of automated personal data processing affecting the interests of data subjects.

5. Personal data sharing

Inter cares for the privacy of its data subjects and, in accordance with data protection and bank secrecy regulations, only shares your information for the purposes set out in this Term and in the full Privacy Policy.

6. Service channels for privacy matters

In order for you to exercise your rights as a data subject, as well as determine your preferences in the processing and use by Inter of some of your personal data, you can use the official service channels available at Inter homepage.

Do you want to learn more? Read our full Privacy Policy by accessing this link. Or contact us by e-mail at

7. Data Protection Certification

Our InterShop is certified in Data Protection by Bureau Veritas, one of the world's leading certification body operating in 140 countries. Our certification is compliant with Technical Standard TS-BVCBr0001, based on the General Data Protection Law in Brazil (LGPD) and the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union (GDPR), and with 18 other internationally recognized standards and best practices guides.