Digital Account

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Everything in the app, 100% free

The digital checking account from Banco inter is the first account completely free of charges in Brazil. 24/7 at the palm of your hand, using the app or Internet banking. No lines, no bureaucracy and no fees.

Why we don't charge fees?

Complete, because that’s how it should be

With the digital checking account you have all the services you need plus services you didn't know a digital bank could offer:

  • Bank statement, payments and free wire transfers
  • Check deposit & Invoice deposit
  • Prepaid mobile top-up
  • Banco Inter investment platform
  • Loans, financing and insurance for you and for your company
  • Interpag: Purchases and transfers by QR code

Your account card is MasterCard

  • Purchases using the debit card and free withdraws in any Banco24Horas network
  • International credit card without annual fee.

The digital checking account is for everyone

For those that never thought about changing their bank.
For those that will open the first checking account.
For those that believe that your bank could be better.
For you

After all, who doesn’t want to solve all their problems using their mobile phone AND saving time and Money?

It’s time for a simple and digital bank!